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Abr 30, 2024

George Lopez is Coming to WNPAC!

Grammy-nominated comedian, actor and TV host George Lopez announced his new ALLRIIIIGHHTTT, TEXAS! Tour, with a stop at Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center on Saturday, August 3, 2024. 

George Lopez’s illustrious and multi-faceted career encompasses television, film, stand-up comedy, and late-night television. Lopez has broken ground for Latino comics by embracing his ethnicity, confronting racial stereotypes, and fighting for his community on and off the stage.

Lopez stars in his multi-camera comedy series for NBC, Lopez vs Lopez, featuring his real-life daughter, Mayan Lopez. The family sitcom, which has been renewed for its second season, follows George and Mayan in a fictionalized version of their real-life father-daughter relationship, exploring dysfunction, reconnection, and all the pain and joy in between.

Aug 3, 2024 / Saturday


Outback Presents | Sólo para público adulto 18+

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